In a short while I will be sharing a message at the birthday celebration of our dear mother and sister, Mrs. Eunice Ebo. As I prepared this sermon, I realized that it is indeed a message that I must share with the world. The message is titled “Are you Acting according to the Script?’

Every movie producer has a story written out before calling on the cast. It is his story, he just calls on the cast to play roles that he has marked out for each of them. The actors or actresses who are casts in the movie will be given the script to read, understand, digest and they are required to act according to the script.

More so, it is important that the actors and the actresses realize that it is not their story, so they cannot act as they want. They must also realize that it is not their stage, the stage belongs to the producer and he determines how long each actor and actress will spend on the stage; therefore, the actor and actress must not waste time on the stage because there are others who will come on the stage.

In addition, the actors and actresses are provided with all the necessary costumes and gadgets needed to play their roles per time and when their scene is over, the director calls them off the stage. The actors and actresses also must not forget that the producer already has known the end of the story before it began, so He has not called them to redefine the story or act out what they feel is right but must act according to what is in the script already written by the producer and as directed by the director.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are actors and actresses on the stage of God. God is the producer and the Holy Spirit is the Director. Before we were born, God started a production and the reason that you and I are here in this world is because we are included in the script, God has chosen us as parts of those actors and actresses who will play a role in His story. That was why He told Jeremiah that before he was born, He knew him (Jeremiah 1:2-4), Jesus also made it clear that we did not chose Him but He chose us (John 15:16). Therefore we are here in this word not because we want to be here or because our parents wanted us but because we have been chosen to be part of what God is doing on earth, after all, there are some of us whose parents really don’t want us here.

Furthermore, God did not just called us here to do what we want but we have been created to act according to His script. Psalm 40:7 made it clear that there is what is written concerning us all and our desire should be to do according to what is written. Jesus in his life time as a human, He kept saying, this scripture is fulfilled in your eyes today (Luke 4:21), giving us the insight to the fact that the producer has meticulously scripted out what He wants us all to do on the stage. Hence, the question to be answered by each one of us is “are you acting according to the script written by God concerning you?”. You are on stage now because it is your time to act, but you will not be on that stage forever, therefore, you must maximize your opportunity.

I know the question has always been, how do I know what has been written for me to act out? Truly, you cannot know what is written concerning you, if you do not know the one that wrote it and that sent you here to perform on His stage. Many of us have been made to believe that it is our life, but it is not. We were sent here on a mission as part of the cast in God’s story. Others have come before and gone because their time is up, but it is not everyone that came here that actually played the role, they were sent here to play. Many people never even realized what the producer wanted them to do here, where he wanted them to do it, how and when, until their time was up. Concerning David, it was written that “when David had served God’s purpose in his generation, he fell asleep. (Acts 13:36).” David did not live the life he wanted to live but the life He was made to live.

My friends, as I conclude you must realize that the purpose of life is greater than you. You were not made to live for yourself, you were not made to just to build houses, eat, drink and have cars or just to have children. You were not made to dress well and look good, the Creator sent you here to be part of what He is doing. The devil deceived man in the Garden of Eden to step out of the plan of God and begin to live for himself and that was what brought death and sorrow to us but the plan of GOD to build His kingdom here on earth has not changed and that is the story that He has been writing and when He came as God the son, He left with the task that we should continue what He started. At the end, His ultimate purpose will be realized which is that every tongue will confess that He is Lord and every knee must bow to Him.

Therefore, you must be sure that you live before you die, because you actually start living when you begin to play the role you were sent to the world to play in the way you were sent to play it and for the ultimate purpose which is that the Producer (The Almighty God) will be glorified. He has given you all that you need to play your role, He has already arranged all that you will ever need to be comfortable in fulfilling the mission He gave you. But the question remains, are you acting in accordance with His script? You are not here by chance, He sent you here and you must never forget that you are meant to live for Him. it is not about you, It is all about Him! Cheers